International Forest of Friendship

"You haven't seen a tree until you've seen its shadow from the sky."
Amelia Earhart


Who are the Honorees Inducted into the
International Forest of Friendship?


  • Women and men who have given dedicated service, leadership, friendship, and support to help others achieve aviation goals.
  • Women and men who have been supportive and contributed to furthering aviation. The Honorees need not be pilots.
  • Men and women who have helped link green spaces and aviation and aerospace--foresters who fly, environmentalists who leverage, smoke jumpers, pilots of fire tankers, etc.       
  • Pioneers in Aviation and Aerospace.
  • Aviation writers and educators who spend their lives encouraging others to fly.
  • Women and men who have made significant contributions to the development of aviation.
  • Those who have established world aviation records.

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Inductees By Year Inducted

2016 Honorees

Ron and Penny Blake, California, Sponsored by the Santa Clara Valley Ninety-Nines

Pamela Ann Collings, New Zealand, Sponsored by the New Zealand Ninety-Nines

Janet Hulin Gonzales, Louisiana, sponsored by the New Orleans Ninety-Nines

Marjorie N. Gorman, Ohio, sponsored by the All Ohio Ninety-Nines

Joyce Autry Harding, Washington, Sponsored by the Western Washington Ninety-Nines

Bernice "Bee" Falk Haydu, Florida, Sponsored by the Aviation Adventures, Inc.

Fred and Doris Hetrick, Kansas, Sponsored by the NE Kansas Ninety-Nines

Dolores Nusbaum, Indiana, Sponsored by Indiana Dunes Ninety-Nines

Glenn Plymate, Oregon, Sponsored by the Plymate Family and Supporters

Christine Poelma, Kentucky, Sponsored by the Kentucky Bluegrass Ninety-Nines

Senja Raymond Robey, BEM, Australia, Sponsored by the Australian Ninety-Nines

Captain Florence Sanders, Ohio, Sponsored by Her Family

Barry Schiff, California, 2016 Distinguished Speaker,
Sponsored by the Ventura County Ninety-Nines

Diane and Perry Welch, Wisconsin, Sponsored by the Wisconsin Ninety-Nines

Esther Wyandt, Indiana, Sponsored by the Indiana Ninety-Nines

Congratulations to the 2016 Honorees!

2015 Honorees
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2015 Ninety-Nine Attendees
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2014 Honorees
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 2014 Ninety-Nine Attendees

2013 Honorees
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2013 Ninety-Nine Attendees

2012 Honorees

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2011 Honorees

2011 Ninety-Nine Attendees

2010 Honorees
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 2010 Ninety-Nine Attendees

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2009 Honorees

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2009 Ninety-Nine Attendees

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2008 Honorees
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2008 Ninety-Nine Attendees
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2007 Honorees

2006 Honorees

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