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Visit the forest


1 Allingham Drive

Atchison, Kansas 66002

Parking is available near the entrance of the park.

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Upcoming Events


2019 Annual Celebration September 20-21

will honor Discovery through Flight.

2020 Annual Celebration September 18-19 will feature Flying for Green Space, Irrigation, etc.

2021 Annual Celebration September 20-21 will focus on the International Year.

Attention Youth

Youth Activities with Smokey the Bear

Special act ivies are available all year long for youth, scouts, and school groups by contacting Diane Liebsch. Phone 913-426-3923 email

During the annual celebration Smokey the Bear comes to visit.



Tours of Muriel are available on Saturday evening during the celebration day 

More information on Saturday night activities.



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Click here for a downloadable rack card (print both sides, cut into thirds).